Swipe Left Swipe Left!

Swipe Left Swipe Left! is a trove of fun, intimate and excruciatingly embarrassing tales of the things that happen on the road to romance. In the first podcast series of its kind, ‘Swipe Left Swipe Left’ combines rich sound-design with brilliantly entertaining first-person narratives . It began as a labour of love, but has received critical acclaim in the international press. It was recently acquired by BBC Sounds.

Co-created by me and my partner, Gavin Wong.

"Sorry kids – it’s hot. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a real-life podcast that is actually sexy before..." - The Guardian

"... funny, intimate and sporadically excruciating" - The Financial Times

"... the tales are masterpieces of excruciating cringe comedy ..." - The Guardian Guide

"... pacy vignettes that you'll find yourself telling second-hand later" - London Evening Standard

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